Muhuhaha! You might see posts that are “Protected”. You try to click on them.  Nothing good comes of it, you can’t click in, you can’t read them.

Well, you’ve gotten to the only part of the site that allows you to feel like James Bond.  Without the deception and the pretty girls, this is going to be just like a 007 film.

This is where you’re going to find stuff that I really didn’t feel like sharing with the entire internet.  Hit me up if you want me to pass you the password.

7 thoughts on “FYEO

  1. Rachel Rodenborg says:

    Would love to read anything you think I have the eyes for! So glad you started your blog, Nicole. I have already subscribed and can’t wait to read about your adventures. 🙂 Miss you around the office already–but you are on to bigger and better things! Rachel

  2. Melissa McGarry says:

    I’m with Rachel ~ would love to read anything you have to say! I love the way your writing is just like how you talk! It’s like we are at happy hour! Sure do miss you, but it sounds like you having a fantastic adventure.

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