Call of Duty? Or…call of Doody?

Meet The Newbs: Call of Duty from The Nerdery on Vimeo.

I mentioned I started a new job last week.  One of our assignments during on-boarding is to make a video introducing ourselves.  I love my new job.  Love.

Happy Aloha Friday.

Chinaman’s Hat

Mokoliʻi Islet, “Chinaman’s hat” Hawaii 2007

Looking through some old pictures, listening to some old music.  This week has been a great one.  Happy Aloha Friday, everyone.

I have lived so many lives, though I’m not old.
-Nelly Furtado, Try

Enjoy the song below if you have spotify.


Spread the Aloha

It is really easy to get caught up in my “first world problems”.  This morning I decided to treat myself to a bagel with pumpkin coffee.  Hands full, I stood in front of my car with my remote lock, frustrated that it wasn’t unlocking.  Then I realized that it wasn’t my car.  Just the same color.  Not even the same model.  Or make.

As the video says, “First world problems are not problems.”  I’ve never lived without clean water.  I’ve lived with limited access to clean water, but that just isn’t the same.  This video was a good kick-in-the-shins reminder that my life is never as ‘difficult’ as I think it is.  When I get a few extra dollars I promise I will remember to spread the aloha.

Happy Aloha Friday.

If everybody had an ocean…

Waikiki, Oahu 2011

… Happy Aloha Friday.  Enjoy your last bit of summer, I know I am.

I swear, as soon as it stops being so nice out, the blog will get better.  It has been hard to stay inside long enough to write.  If you haven’t taken a peek, cruise around the site, I’ve been working on re-categorizing and adding bios for my guest posters.

Been wanting some Beach Boys to get stuck in your head?  A’ole pilikia.

Beautiful, even on the highway.

Oahu, Hawaii 2011


This was snapped by my passenger  when the sun was just starting to set on our way back from a day on the north shore.  Laughing and listening to music with sand still in our hair and the smell of the ocean on our skin.

It’s not a particularly beautiful shot, but it means so much to me.  I will always cherish this day.

Happy Aloha Friday.