Guest Post: Katie’s Fall Fashion Favs

I’m super excited to introduce my newest guest poster, Katie!  From time to time Katie is going to let you know all about  fashion, minnehappiness made and beauty tips.  You can read her bio here, or check out her blog here!  Here’s Katie!

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Tiffany Chou Jewelry

I have this secret desire to be a jewelry designer.  Cruising around the internet, putting off productivity, I found Tiffany Chou’s website.  While she is NYC based, she hails from Maui which has clearly influenced her work.  Her pieces are delicate reminders of the all-powerful ocean.

These are three of my favorite pieces, but all of her work is stunning.  Happy Aloha Friday!

Hawai'i Silver Necklace


Devin Gold Earrings


Forest of Coral Earrings

*Images pulled from Tiffany Chou’s website