Wow, Hong Kong, you’re awesome!

Yesterday my new pal took me into the city for a look around.  It was astounding, awe-inspiring, wonderful, overwhelming…basically sensory over load (in a good way).

Hong Kong

These buildings have holes in them! I need to investigate.

As far as the eye can see, tall skyscrapers with a background of lush, green mountains.  So beautiful.  I have gotten to cruise around a few areas, but I’ll make those individual updates as I go along.
I did get to see a bit of Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Wanchai and Central… but just parts of them, there is SO much to see!

Coming in from Ferry

Buildings, and more buildings!

We ate some dumplings and tested out guilinggao (which is no longer made of extinct species… Or possibly even turtles anymore… I think.  Check out the wiki link) and walked, took Ferries (including the famous Star Ferry) and their train system– the MTR.  I will say, their train system is clean, fast and efficient.  Pretty handy!

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Sorry for the pictures being not clear, but it was kind of hazy.  I didn’t edit them for you.  This is the view straight from the ferry, so if it’s crooked, that’s because the water isn’t glass flat.  It’s me being lazy, but you can pretend you’re on the boat too!

The city is busting at the seams.  Imagine NYC: with one million fewer people, but only 100 square kilometers less land.

It’s not all super modern looking skyscrapers, check out this street!  This area was fascinating.

So colorful!

The fashion here is unreal.  I can’t even describe, just people watching makes me so happy.  The shoes, oh the shoes!!  I’m hoping to get gusty enough to ask people if I can take a snapshot of them– but one step at a time here, people.

The day went so quickly, before I knew realized, it was dark out and I was wiped!  My pal had to head back to Lamma for dinner plans, so I met my fella after work and we ate some killer domer kebabs, grabbed a beer for the ferry and floated back to Lamma Island.

We did pit stop with two of his friends for a cold one at new little bar– where I tried my first local lager.  It was pretty smooth and refreshing after a long day of being on the go.


Well, I’m off to the beach to sketch, then take a little hike.  Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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