The world just got smaller

The world is crazy out there, everything moving so fast.  I was feeling homesick these past few days, wishing I could just quick send a text to my family or bike to my buddies’ houses.

So, I did what anyone would do who has mass quantities of time on their hands.  I went shopping.

To the apple store.  Oops.

Actually, not oops.  I don’t regret it.  I can’t get internet on my phone, so I can’t use apps.  What is a life without apps like?  Totally fine, but it’s a great way to stay connected.  My new iPod Touch gets wi-fi, apps, and as long as I’m connected, I can do anything possible.

If you have IOS 5  and you want to iMessage, that would be awesome.  Let me know if you have it, and if you need help,  I can walk you through how to set it up- and we can text for free.  Free.  Do it.

I am able to chat on google plus,  so if you’re not a mac user, you can find me on there, it’s pretty much like texting.  In fact, I’d be surprised if I didn’t find you first.  I’m creepy like that. I’ll race you, ready, GO!

If you’re into a social game and want to challenge me, I welcome it.  I’m currently battling it out with a pal on Draw Something.  If you want to show me an awesome recipe app, go for it.  I’m pretty new to the social games, so introduce me to fun ones!  If you want  me to never leave the house  again, show me Monopoly Hotels since it is super addicting…. it’s been done already.  I do not play farmville though.  Sorry.

If you have any cool app suggestions, or messaging tools, let me know.  I’m game to try anything out- and would love to connect with you!

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