I used to be an early bird

Our attempt at light painting.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been woken up by me in the morning.  In any form: text, phone call, knock on your door, pillow being lobbed at you…

Put your hand down, you look ridiculous.

I’m known for being an up-and-at-’em kind of girl.  I like to wake up early, seize the day, then later if the day is decidedly not worth seizing, I will take a nap.

Not the case here.  My partner in crime happens to be a night owl, which never used to keep me from crawling into bed at 10:30.  Because I have no early morning activities (job, farmers market to attend, etc.), I’ve found myself staying up late.  *GASP*

This results in me sleeping in.  Confession.  It got out of hand today.  I didn’t pull myself out of bed until 11:00– just in time to start cooking brunch.  Mind you, I was awake, just not up and at ’em.

This means I didn’t get to use the phrase, “Jousan” (say it like: Joe-sahn) today.  There you have it, a confession and a Mumbling Monday all in one.

Thanks for tuning in!

PS: The photo is from my pal and my attempt at light painting.  She made the face, while I ran around and did those little red squiggly lines.  We are planning on getting a bunch more girls recruited with more colors to do this with us, I’ll put up more pictures when we have them.  Late night activities like this are just another reason I sleep in.  Excuses, excuses.


EDIT: I have been up and busy since before 7am today (the very next day).  Apparently a confession was all I needed to shame myself into action.

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