Macau Treats

As  a follow up from yesterday, let’s talk food!

From what I hear, there are two ‘must eats’ while in Macau.  Besides the buffet at a Casino where you can eat for 2 hours straight.

First up: Jerky.  I love Jerky.  It is a road trip must, if you want me to stay awake, make sure I have jerky.  It will delay my car nap.  In Macau, it is called Rougan, or Bakkwa, but don’t get this idea it tastes like the jerky you get at the gas station.
It’s salty and sweet, peppered if you like, but the flavor is so complex, and it is not nearly as tough to gnaw on.  I think they must marinate it in some sort of secret recipe and then slow cook it to dehydrate it.  It comes in flat stacks, and when you walk around, you will see shop owners with their scissors, clipping off small pieces for people to sample.  That is a killer marketing move, lured me in.

Moving on: Almond cookies.  Holy delicious.  They have a pretty chalky consistency when you bite in, but chewing it re-activates some sort of sweetened butter and while you work it around in your mouth you just get excited for the next bite.  They are not too sweet, and go great with coffee or tea.  We watched as they were made, they scoop the fairly dry-crumbly mixture into these long, wooden molds, pound the mixture in, then flip over and gently tap them out of the mold.  From there they are roasted in bamboo basket and turned into pure culinary gold.

Despite the strong possibility that you’ve just eaten for two hours straight, be sure to save room to try these treats out while in Macau.

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