Stanley, Hong Kong

Maritime Museum

The other day we cruised over to Stanley, which is on the southern part of Hong Kong.  Stanley is one of the higher class areas that I’ve been to.  In life in general.  I’m talking about unreal looking mansions and high rises that you can buy multiple floors to live on.  Multi-million dollar properties in US Dollars.  We clearly didn’t go on some sort of Parade of Homes tour, like my dad and I used to do when I was younger, but I’ve read enough design blogs to know what is the what.  That would have been awesome though.  If there is an Hong Kong version of that, I will be there, living vicariously through the extravagant home decor of others.

We wandered near the Maritime museum, but we didn’t go in (probably best, as I am a terrible person to go to museums with), checked out a candy store, shopped along the boardwalk and into the Stanley market.

Stanley Market is a long area of a bunch of shops, with very narrow walkways.  You can buy anything from little house shoes, binoculars, to various souvenirs.  Food and goods wise, things are a bit more “spendy”, but it’s a fun little day trip to take.  If you’re into fun in the sun, you’re not too far away from your pick of beaches, so pack your suit.
It was almost nice to return to Lamma, land of the non-excess, I was tired of seeing the Maseratis and Bentleys anyway.  If I wanted to look at one, I’d put one in my garage, with the change from in-between my couch cushions.

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