Play Purple

What did this turn into?

OooOoo.  My first post on a creation made with my two grubby little paws.

My hands are actually very clean.  I’m not sure why I tossed a ‘grubby’ in there.

From time to time, I’ll post things that are handmade by yours truly.

I might even post things that are handmade by other people, if they let me or if they want me to.

I am excited.

I want to get something clear here.  I’m not a strong knitter.  Well, I can’t really say I’m a strong anything-er.  However, I am a determined anything-er.

I’ve knitted my fair share of blankets, but it has come at the price of library books, YouTube videos, and consulting a friend about what-I-have-I-done-and-what-I-am-clearly-doing-wrong-because-holy-cannoli-this-thing-looks-like-a-bunch-of-knots. Ah, deep breath.  This project tested the limits of my well paved path of patience.

I pulled it out at least four times in order to get it right.  I found the pattern on Spud & Chloe, a really wonderful yarn line.  I don’t have access to it here, that I know of,  I used my ball o’ purple instead.  I didn’t have as much yarn as it calls for, so I didn’t make it as long as they suggest.  I stitched it together on both ends, to form a cowl scarf.  If you need help figuring this pattern out, since you’re a newbie like myself, feel free to contact me.  I can do this one in my sleep now.  Or at least while watching Dexter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m 100% sure this will not get worn, being Hong Kong happens to be 88 degrees right now.  I would recommend anyone who is a determined anything-er to try this out with their grubby little paws.

*The pattern is called Reversible Rib and Lace, best of all, it’s free!  Go get yourself some Spud and Chloe yarn and knit away.

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