Pick a building, Any building.

Where are we going today?  Bank of China building?  HSBC?  Post office?

General Post Office.  I was there the other day and was surprisingly impressed with this place.  Our USPS is ailing, from what I hear, which makes me sad.  But then again, I’m not helping because I send electronic mail and pay my bills online.  Apathetic.
I went to go send a box o’ stuff and discovered this post office is kind of a gem.  There not only is a gift shop (where I bought bubble wrap), but a mini museum.  Whipped out my camera and gave myself an impromptu museum day.  I shouldn’t say “day”, it was more like 15 minutes.  Details, schmetails.

Take a little gander with me through the Post Office of Hong Kong with me, then maybe write an old-fashioned hand written letter to someone you love mail it down at your good ol’ USPS.

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