Yes, that is one tiny glass.   The other day a few of us decided it was a perfect day to kick a few back and relax on our pal’s rooftop.

The day went like this:

  1. Let’s go camping and grill on the other side of the island!  Woo hoo!  We can kayak with some supplies and carry the rest!
  2. Get the meat and food to grill marinating in the fridge.
  3. Let’s have a few beers before we go so we don’t have to carry them.
  4. Let’s listen to music, eat Cheetos & garlic peanuts while drinking said beers on the rooftop patio. Ganbei! (Say it Gehnbay, it means ‘Cheers!’)
  5. Let’s get a few more beers and see what is happening on the beach.  Sit and chill with more people on the beach.
  6. Let’s go to another rooftop patio party.
  7. Go to bed.

Despite having big plans and not really following through, it was still an incredible day.  Life’s not bad on rooftops and beaches.  Thanks for tuning into Mumbling Monday.

Rooftop Patio, I love you.

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