Kowloon Park, not after dark

Kowloon Park. Doesn’t this sign make you smile?

Check out Kowloon Park.  This is one nice park.  Well maintained, pretty clean, complete with a community center and aviary area.  I didn’t go to where the birds were, I have a track record for birds liking to poop on me.  Knock on wood, I’ve been bird poop free in Hong Kong.  Like many parks,  I hear  that it gets kind of seedy at night, where people score drugs and whatever else people do in parks at night.

I grew up living near a regional park, near a dam on the Mississippi.  I spent a handful of time there, either on foot or bike, or *GASP* Rollerblades.  I am not sure if I heard of anything explicitly evil happening in that park after dark, but I’m sure there was.  I really didn’t spend time there at night, I was too scared.  Plus I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to, and I’m a rule follower, most of the time.
I spend more time than I like to admit looking out for my safety.  I’m under 5 feet tall and I’m not one of those people who is small but intimidating.  I don’t drive a giant truck or pump iron at the gym.  My neck is normal sized and I don’t have rings on all my fingers.  But unlike those types of people (I’m stereotyping), I don’t wear sparkles on my shirts or jeans, because I believe that has the exact opposite effect of what they are trying to achieve.
So that said, I don’t spend much time in parks after dark.  But this park was pretty nice in the light.

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