Star Ferry

Star Ferry

The oldest, most awesome ferry in all of Hong Kong is the Star Ferry.

Ok, I’ve not been on the every ferry that Hong Kong has, but I love the old-world charm of this ferry.

This ferry goes across the harbor, from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui.  It’s a pretty short ride, and only costs a few dollars HKG.  The draw to this ferry  is that it’s old, founded in 1888.  Plus the sailors wear actual sailor outfits.*  I’m sure there are other perks, but those are my favorite features.

You can sit on both the top and bottom levels, so of course the fella and I have made it a point to try out both levels, on separate trips.  I don’t have a favorite level, but the bottom level is cheaper.   Which leads me to believe that people are supposed to like the top-level better.  Not sure why.  The majority of the seating is open air, with a little area where those who love A/C so much they can’t do without it for a few minutes sit.  I prefer the open air seats, can you tell?    The ship doesn’t seem to turn around.  The seat’s backs are on this level system where they can flop back and forth.  That way you can always face forward.

You can take the train from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui, but it is way more fun to take the Star Ferry.  If you’re extra savvy, you can try to coordinate your ferry ride across Victoria Harbor with the nightly light show, that way you can see both sides of the show.

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*Ok, you got me.  I only ride this ferry because those sailor outfits are so dang cute.

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