Wisdom Path, Lantau

So, remember when we were at the Big Buddha?  That was yesterday, so I hope you didn’t forget.  That would be embarrassing.  Embarrassing for you because it was only yesterday and embarrassing for me because that would indicate my post was forgettable.

Anyway, the other really cool thing that we saw while on Lantau was the Wisdom path.  These pillars are placed in an infinity symbol, which also symbolize immeasurable splendor.  I hear that what is written on these pillars is a very famous prayer, the Heart Sutra.  You usually let the people in front of you, go up and then when they return, you may take your turn to view the pillars.

I thought it was incredibly beautiful.

After my fella and I walked the Wisdom Path, we hummed and hawed over whether we had enough time to climb to the top of the peak of Lantau.  We decided we didn’t have time.  Then we made the ever wise decision to take a different path to … who knows where.

It turns out the path took us down the mountain, to the bottom of the reservoir, and it was a beautiful hike.  It took us a few hours, but the path wasn’t too steep, fairly well-groomed and perfectly empty.  We only saw two other people the whole time.   The view was stunning.  Mountains, water, waterfalls, Big Buddha, Wisdom Path, all in one view.  We were almost out of water, but we made it to the bottom of the mountain and hiked across the reservoir where we caught a bus back.  The bus ride was cheap, and fast.  When I say fast, it was double-decker bus fast, whipping around the roads and making us very car sick.  But the view was fun and I would still recommend it.
The funny thing was, when we were walking at the bottom of the mountain, we kept seeing these cow pies. Confused, we didn’t really think much of them, not wanting to think so hard our little brains exploded.  Then all of a sudden, SLAM, the bus stopped really hard.  Why?  Cows.  Cows crossing the street.  Cow pies explained.  There, that just made this post unforgettable.

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