Sai Kung Town

The other day my fella and I checked out Sai Kung Town.

Sai Kung is an old fishing town, with a really wonderful boardwalk you can take a stroll on.  So that’s what we did.  After our stroll, we peeked at a few GIANT fish outside the seafood restaurants.  They were bigger than I am.  Creepy  and awesome. The walkways between the old buildings are really close together, but there weren’t a lot of people milling in them, so I felt like we were in some sort of special spy movie.  There was a traffic jam of boats to look at, plenty of people selling things and a solar powered boat to gawk at.  We also took a peek at the Tin Hau Temple, and checked out some interesting and slightly inappropriate street art.

After we cruised around the town, my fella and I decided to take a mini bus a little farther out to find this resort area.  We had a fun time figuring out what bus to take, the information guy and I weren’t communicating very well and he kept sending us from one bus stop to the other.  Eventually we hopped on the bus, got off and started wandering again.  We stopped to have a little snack and gazed at the sea view.  So beautiful.

We didn’t find the resort we wanted to go to, but we did find a nice beachfront area with a few restaurants.  There was a boat/board rental place there as well, so it was fun to watch people on their paddle boats, canoes and a few people were stand up paddling.  We stopped to watch and enjoy a beer at one of the beachfront restaurants, then walked back to Sai Kung and headed back.*

It looked like it was going to storm for a while, but later it cleared up and was a beautiful day.

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*I realize this post isn’t super exciting, but there wasn’t too much out of the ordinary.  It was a completely relaxing, do whatever floated our boats kind of day.

3 thoughts on “Sai Kung Town

  1. emilycd says:

    have you ever tried paddleboarding? it looks really hard! but i think if i would get a killer core if i ever tried it/got good at it.

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