Welcome to Skypager

I know I’ve only been back for a little bit, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.  But let’s get real, who doesn’t have a decent phone?  People that are irresponsible … and me.

Truth: Currently, I don’t have a source of income.  I’m trying to be reasonable when it comes to spending money, so I’ve done the reasonable thing and didn’t get a “real” phone.

I got one of those pre-paid phones.  250 minutes and unlimited texts.  I was saving the minutes for potential employers, since it’s a tad embarrassing give my parent’s home phone number out.  It  shames me as ‘irresponsible’ and as the ‘girl-who-lives-with-her-parents-at-an-inappropriate-age’, thus making me pretty much un-hire-able.  So, I told my pals if they needed to get a hold of me, to send me a text and I’d call them on a landline.
Surprisingly, it’s been easy for me, people send me a text, “Call me”, and I call them.  It is reminiscent of the pager days.   I am not going to stay on this silly pager/pre-paid phone plan forever, just until I sign my name on a dotted line accepting the job.  Until then, keep sending me your page-texts.  Responsibly, I’ll get back to you.

Side note: I’ve been watching The Wire and having a pager-phone would let me fit right in.  Stringer Bell, make me your girl!  Confusing people with multiple numbers has also been James Bond-esque.
Hearing, “So, which number is this? Oh, your parent’s phone number” puts me right back in my place though.

Side note to the side note:  I’m glad to have Spotify back into my life.  It wasn’t allowed in Hong Kong.  Bringing you a little Hip Hop to your Wednesday.  Sorry to those readers that can’t get Spotify in your country and are seeing an error on the page–but if you’re a fan of A Tribe Called Quest, you’ll most likely know “Skypager”.  If you’re in the USA, have yourself a throwback dance on me.

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