Minnehappiness Made: Sweet Treats Crossbody

Sweet Treats Crossbody

The other day, my friend Angie* brought over some deliciously sweet fabric, perfect for summer.  The little popsicles and ice cream cones popped perfectly against the aqua base.  I instantly fell in love, the fabric felt so cheerful, so delicate.  I’m rarely delicate, so this was a fun change for me.

We got to working.  She had a project in mind, which she will tell you about later, but I was pretty much directionless.  (What’s new, right?)

While she started cutting and sewing, I sketched and talked her ear off.  I decided to make a tiny crossbody that would be perfect for August evenings.  She continued making progress and after I took a break to make us some lunch, I got started.  I decided to add gold chain and accents, I think it makes it feel extra cheerful.

Tah dah!**  Here’s a little bag that is perfect for my essentials (phone, wallet, keys and coconut lip balm) and lets my hands be free to cause a ruckus and do not-so-delicate things.  Such as spill BBQ sauce all over myself, because I won’t set down my ice tea.

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*Thanks, Angie!

**I know I should have ironed this before taking pictures, but it was more believable if I didn’t.  You know me too well.

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