Was it just a dream?

I’ve been home for almost 2 months.  Hong Kong feels so far away, but close enough where if you think about it too much, you get the feeling it was just a dream.

Did we really get to:

  • Night swim and see the glowing phosphorescence?
  • Live on the beach and swim everyday?
  • Have BBQs under the stars?
  • See giant jellyfish?
  • Eat Beggar’s chicken?
  • Drink a few drinks at the tallest bar in Asia?
  • Jump off the pier on Lamma Island?
  • Hike with a dog to the top of Mt.Stenhouse on Lamma?
  • Kayak with schools of fish jumping nearby?
  • Sightsee and hike everywhere?

All of this happened in just the last two weeks or less.  I can’t even re-cap everything we did those last few weeks, it was so jammed packed.

It happened, it was not a dream, even though it feels like it.

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