Shark Netting

At many beaches in Hong Kong there are shark nets that are put in place to protect against, uh, sharks.  You’re not supposed to touch the shark nets.

On Lamma, we took full advantage of the fact the lifeguards never yell at you and played a game that we called “Shark Netting”.  Muhuhaha.

Here’s what you do:  Swim out to the Shark Net.  Hoist yourself out of the water and onto the top of the Shark Net.  Try and run (or in my case, gingerly take some steps) for as far as you can.  Be careful getting up (or falling off) to not get scraped up by all of the sharp barnacles that have grown on.

It’s harder than it looks.  It’ not steady, it sways and bobs with the ocean and the top is kind of slippery.  Even more slippery if there’s algae on it.  But it’s so fun.  Once I saw my fella run 17 or 19 steps.  My forte was standing up doing a yoga tree pose and then diving off.

Here’s an ode to Shark Netting in haiku form.

Dear Lamma Lifeguards,
Sorry we like to have fun.
Shark Netting is boss.

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