I’ve got issues, no need for tissues.

I love taking pictures, after all, I’m Asian.  Derr….laugh, people!  It’s a joke.  No, really, I am Asian.

I’m not very good at taking photos often enough and I’m working on that. I love taking pictures when I do remember to. Not really of me, but of other people and random things. Every year I vow to take more photos and every year I do, but of random things, like dogs that I’m watching or if my cereal seems to have floated into a shape that I like. Stupid, right? I’m aware.

I have recently been warned by my computer that my memory is getting low and it’s mostly all pictures. I backed up my computer on my external and have begun sorting through images that I can delete from my computer to make space.
Instead of being productive, I have been snickering and full on laugh-snorting at pictures from Memory Lane.
I have also gone through and found some super embarrassing ones and sent them to the subjects so that they can laugh too. Also, I want them to know that if they make it to office, I want my cut. Boardwalk Empire style.

I really wanted to include some of those pictures in this post. But I won’t. I don’t want to embarrass anyone. Plus, I’m not so sure I’d be super jazzed if my embarrassing face ended up on the internet when I didn’t want it to. But, what’s the point of talking about hilarious things and not sharing them?

Here’s one of yours truly. If you’ve got embarrassing pictures of me from back in the day, (or from recently-when I unknowingly dropped a Rollo in my lap on a hot day), please, send them to me. I would love it so much.

Aw, pretty.

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