Heather’s Happy Hour: Pourhouse

Bloody Mary Bar

Heather is back with another Happy Hour recommendation.  Take it away, Heather!

The next edition of Heather’s Happy Hour is from downtown Minneapolis. The Pourhouse is one of the newest locations in the beautiful Lumber Exchange Building. It has everything you would need: A great Happy Hour special, a great environment for those who need a distraction and the greatest Bloody Mary bar ever!

Happy Hour is everyday from 3-7. The drink specials are great with $3 rails and $5 top shelf. They have appetizer specials for $5 (or less) and fantastic chicken wings. There are multiple levels so you can always find a place to sit. Tuesday nights they have a free appetizer bar and Monday is SIN.

They also host great distractions On Thursday nights they host not only NFL football games but also Band-a-roke.** Saturday is game day for those Badger fans. Sunday is the spot to watch NFL games. The Pourhouse is famous for their big screen TV. They have the largest screen in MN!

Bloody Mary Bar = Amazing. On Sundays it is only $5, you get a cup (literally) of vodka, and you can go to town. There is every type of mix you would want, plus their homemade mix. There are all the fixing,including cheese and meat sticks. It is a great way to start a football Sunday.

I have enjoyed all my trips to Pourhouse. The one point that continues to stay on the top of my brain is their commitment to philanthropy. They are willing to host tons of different events for all sorts of local charities which is impressive for how new they are!

*Pourhouse is located in the Lumber Exchange Building at: 10 South 5th Street, Minneapolis MN, open daily from 11AM-2AM
**Nicole’s Note: Band-a-roke is karaoke, but you get to sing with a live band backing you up.  It’s pretty awesome.

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