Waffle House.

We don’t have Waffle House in Minnesota.  First time for everything.

I could have pre-wrote and planned some posts for while I was gone this weekend.  But I didn’t.  Sorry.  In the past week I have started a new job (WOOT), semi-moved and was a bridesmaid in one of my nearest and dearest.  Being I was  in the wedding, I didn’t have much time for sightseeing. Or much of anything besides wedding stuff but that doesn’t bother me.  I’ll be back there soon enough with my tourist pants on.

After a whirlwind of a weekend, my fella and pal piled ourselves into the car for the long drive home.  We were so hungry, and we spotted a sign for Waffle House, a staple joint that apparently is scattered all across the country.  We had eaten so incredibly well during the wedding festivities that a good ol’ fashioned diner joint sounded pretty good.

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It was exactly how I imagined it.  Old waitresses, young ones with sass, cooks sweating over the grill as they had orders barked at them.  No updates to the decor, sticky booths and  warm coffee.

I ordered up a “Cheesy Egg plate” which contained the most cheesy eggs I have ever had.  No joke.  It was like there was a kraft single with a little bit of eggs with it.  I was thrilled.  The grits were hot and tasty and the Raisin bread came with Musselmans apple butter.  I was into it.  I was even more into it when my side of bacon came with THREE strips.  Not the ordinary two strips.

Would I go there again?  Maybe.  It was just something I had to try.  My fella claimed it was our cultural experience for the weekend.  Plus the waitress called me ‘Sugar’ which I always like.

Find your nearest Waffle House by visiting their website.
The one we found was at 4404 Northeast Antioch Road, Kansas City, MO.

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