Love the cute: Tokidoki

I’m a sucker for cute.  Especially cute packaging.  This has resulted in me buying really crappy wine and horrible books, but you win some- you lose some, right?

The other day I hit up Sephora for a little bit ‘o pretty.  I thought I’d get one thing and get out but I found a CLEARANCE area.  I’m also a sucker for a sale.  I guess at this point you could just call me a sucker.

I have this love affair with Tokidoki— I think it’s so cute.  I knew they did some make-up, so I was tickled to find it was in the clearance area.

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Here’s what I scored:

Prisma Lip Gloss in Devil Girl
Normally $15, I got it for $5.  My take?  Super awesome packaging.  The gloss is pretty gooey, but packs a shine.  It smells good and the applicator is a bit strange.  But “Good-Strange”.

Cromatico Eyeshadow in Samba
Normally $15, I got it for $6.  What do I know?  It’s shimmery and stays on my lids all day.  You can pile it on or just let it be shimmery.  Your choice.

The truth?  I’m just really into the packaging.  Anything Tokidoki catches my eye.

*I apologize for the blurry pictures.  I’ll fill that eyeglass prescription soon.

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