Sushi in the middlewest?  Yup.

The other night my pal and I hit up Masu in Nordeast Minneapolis.  She had recently given birth, so she was soaking up her opportunity to consume what she had gone without for so many months.  Read: Sushi and wine.  We decided on Masu, a Sushi and Robata Place joint.

We met up on a Friday night, and I had made reservations.  I’m not sure I needed to, but being I was meeting a busy mother of five, yes, FIVE kids, I figured we should be on a schedule.  When I say ‘We’ I really mean ‘me’.  I figured if I made reservations then I couldn’t dilly dally around.  I did dilly dally, but only because I couldn’t find decide between shoes that were warm or cute.  I picked cute, duh.  Blueberry wedges.  I mean, my tootsies were chilled, but it was ok.  Worth it.  Moving on.

Masu was a mellow place, with Anime playing on the TVs and low lighting.  They passed out hot towels, which I always like.  They had Panchiko but we didn’t play.  They have a bunch of drinks (I had Big Man Japan- Sapporo Beer with side shot of Ginger Ginseng Whiskey and Terrazas Altos Del Plata Malbec) and a pretty decent menu.  I started with a Seaweed Salad and we got a few sushi rolls.  We also split a bowl of the Pork Belly Ramen, which I was really excited about.  The noodles were nice and the pork belly was great, but the egg’s yolk was completely runny.  Siiick.  I mean, I love runny eggs, but these aren’t supposed to be runny.  Besides that, the food was pretty good.  I’d go again.

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You can find Masu in the Mall of America, or in Northeast Minneapolis at:
330 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Their hours are:

monday–thursday 11am–12am
friday 11am–1am
saturday 4pm–1am
sunday 4pm–11pm

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