Minnehappiness Made: Baby Quilt


What’s this?

It’s my pal’s first quilt ever.
I’ve done a few quilts in my day, but Rach’s is by far way cuter than the ones that I have done.
We are very new to quilting here in the studio. But that does not stop my pal – Big Rach* from going all out. She has all the tools you need to quilt and more. She has cut out all the pieces for her next quilt, so expect to see more. We just hope the little lady who is going to receive this loves it as much as we do.

For this quilt, Rach used cotton to create the squares and some minky for the back. ┬áIt’s lightweight and super cute.

If you want one, holler at us.
If you wanna come sew at the Minnehappiness Studio in St.Louis Park, let us know. Just expect to hear country music because it seems Rach has not have grown out of that phase. Just (kind of) kidding, Rach!


*Big Rach is actually the smallest person we know.

**I made this post on my phone, so please excuse the format.

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