The Lowry


My brother doesn’t have a car.  So, I spend a lot of time driving him around, picking him up, dropping him off.  In return, he buys me food.  Not a bad trade, if you ask me.

After I  chauffeured Miss Daisy to the tailor, we checked out The Lowry — a place that I hadn’t been before.  I had heard rumblings about how great it was and I was excited to try it out.  I was also pleased that it had a parking lot.  I should mention that while I have a car, I really don’t like driving.  Especially in Uptown.

I should also mention we do not like to plan ahead, meaning we rarely make reservations.  This was one day that we should have, because we rolled in during prime brunch time.  The wait times were long but we had come that far and were pretty set on trying it out.

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The wait was worth it.  My coffee was OK, but it came in a cute mug with a wolf on it.  The staff was really nice and we got everything pretty quickly, considering how busy it was.  My brother ordered himself a breakfast burrito, which was pretty amazing.  It was stuffed with hash browns, Tillamook cheddar (WOO!), scrambled eggs, black bean salsa, cilantro sour cream, salsa roja.  I opted for lunch, and I chose the Oyster Peacemaker, which was a hoagie that was overflowing with fried oysters, slaw, tomato, pickles & remoulade.  The mound of fries were crispy and fluffy, piping hot and tasty.

It was the kind of place that made me want to head back there for dinner later that evening, but don’t worry.  I have some sense of reality and did not return that evening.  I will be soon though- the menu is too intriguing not too.

Find The Lowry here:

2112 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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