Red Wing Brewery


Everyone knows I love pizza.  I also think that pizza’s best friend is either root beer or beer.  This place has it all.

A couple of my pals and I headed out down a little south of The Cities (that’s St.Paul and Minneapolis for you out-of-town folks) to Red Wing to go camping.  On the way back, we found this little brewery:Red Wing Brewery.

Walking in, we could see that this place was done out of love.  Sounds cheesy, but true.  The staff was so happy to see us and to give us the best service possible.  We did some beer tasting and my favorite was the Anderson Wheat OR their root beer.  They also let us sample the Remmler’s Royal Brew, which is made from a recipe from 1896.  Crazy good.

We ordered up some pizza to go along with our beers.  It was pretty dang good.   The pizza chef is from New York and was using his family recipe for the crust, which was puffy and steamy when it arrived.  Red Wing isn’t that far out of Minneapolis, but it feels like worlds away.  If you’re out that way, I recommend heading there.  Your heart will be so happy.

You can find them here:

Red Wing Brewery
1411 Old W Main St
Red Wing, MN 55066 ‎

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