Gautama Buddha’s Birthday

Sorry for the absence.  I have been pretty dang tired from working, and was busy all day yesterday sightseeing and collapsing into bed.

But I’m back!  With pictures and fun for you!  Welcome.  Are you just itching to learn about my preview from Buddha’s Birthday?  Click the link to learn more.

Click here!

Buddha’s birthday

I left our apartment for work at 7:45 this morning, and am typing this on the wobbly ferry back. I will get to our place at 9:30 at the earliest. Obviously there is no need to clarify AM or PM.
No complaints, my job and current co-workers are very enjoyable. Long hours are just something that this lady here has to get used to.* I just wanted to give you a preview of what is to come tomorrow.

*Yes, I just proclaimed myself to be a lady.