Gautama Buddha’s Birthday

Sorry for the absence.  I have been pretty dang tired from working, and was busy all day yesterday sightseeing and collapsing into bed.

But I’m back!  With pictures and fun for you!  Welcome.  Are you just itching to learn about my preview from Buddha’s Birthday?  Click the link to learn more.

So here I am, at work, looking out the window.  I see a bunch of tents going up.  What is going on?

I was told it was a holiday the next day, Buddha’s Birthday.  Sweet!  I went home after work and Googled it.

Wrong.  I did not.  Because I was exhausted.  I am pretty sure I ate dinner, checked my monopoly hotels and went to bed.  Yes, Monopoly hotels.  If you’re not into it, and you don’t like wasting time, don’t do it.  It will suck you in.

Anyway, the next day, I decided on my lunch break to check out what was going on.  I wandered around with my ipod touch (hence the not so clear photos, as well as the fact I was trying to hurry– it being lunch and all) and was completely captivated by what was happening.

There were people praying, making offerings, selling food, or teas, or just plain toy-like garbage.  There was a giant tower of water bottles, huge statues, people ringing a beautiful bell.  I liked everything I saw.  I didn’t take pictures of everything, as I’m not sure when is appropriate and when is not.  I saw a lot of cameras out- but they looked as if they knew what they were doing.

Anyway, I have been busy and finally got around to looking up what was happening on ‘Buddha’s Birthday.’

Turns out, it was Vesak (or Wesak) which is a day to celebrate Gautama Buddha‘s birthday, enlightenment, or passing away.  The date can range, according to which area of the world you live in.  Gautama Buddha is a primary figure in Buddhism — which I am learning more and more about.

This day celebrates his enlightenment, in regards to the day he stopped abstaining from worldly things (a recognized way to enlightenment called asceticism).  He understood that he must not harm his body, that without food, his body can do nothing — including become enlightened.

Now, granted this is all from good ol’fashioned internet research.  I like it!  Very cool.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, and sorry for the lack of captions.  I’m still taking wild-guess-swings at what was happening and don’t want to miss too badly.  Gotta not follow in the “Swing at everything” steps of the Twins.

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