I’m guest blogging at H&M Kitchen today…

I’m guest blogging over at H&M Kitchen today!  I have forced my way back onto Mel’s blog and am teaching her readers all about my simple comfort food, Ramen.  My style ramen.  There’s no packet of seasoning involved.  Just a little love.  Peep it right here.


I know we already talked a bit about tea, but check out how beautiful this flower Cha (say it “Chah”) is.

One is chrysanthemum and I believe the other is roses.  Smells amazing, tastes great and looks beautiful.

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Thanks for tuning into another Mumbling Monday.


Hen Party

This weekend I went to a Hen party, aka Bachelorette party. It was pretty awesome. We ate at amazing Italian food, drank lovely sangria and donned fun costumes. I wore cat ears. After dinner we headed to a swanky nightclub where we received free entry, sat in the best seats and our lovely bride to be ordered a bottle of Heungban (say Heng Bahn).

Bottles be poppin.

I could tell you more, but what happens at Hen parties, stays safe and secret. Happy mumbling monday!