Holey Buildings

Not holy.  But Holey.  These buildings have holes.

I was boggled the first time I saw buildings with holes in them.  First of all, how do they stay sturdy?  Second, why are there holes?  I didn’t do much research, I just let my mind be boggled.  I let the great mystery of the holes remain a mystery.  But, I promised I would look into these and find an answer, and I don’t like breaking promises.

So, according to the all-knowing Google search, these buildings in Hong Kong, the holes in buildings around the city have to do with Feng Shui.  I know nothing about Feng Shui.  I think I like the idea of it, but I also like to put things where I want, instead of putting them where I ‘should’.  Those of you who had seen my apartment back home know that I put my dressform (her name is JuJu) in the middle of my living room.  I didn’t care if it freaked people out, she is beautiful and needed a place to stand.  Ahem.  I get sensitive because I miss her.  Moving on.

These holes are there to let the dragons coming down from the mountains to get to sea to drink or play in the water and then go back.  Either that, or the mountains are made up of the dragon, and the holes are there to let them come down and then go back up to form Victoria Peak and the other peaks.  Apparently, dragons do what they want and if there weren’t holes to let them through, disaster might strike.  Imagine that kind of power.  I mean, whenever I try and cut corners I just end up with bruises.  Also a metaphor, kids.  Learn some lessons from my mistakes.

I am not going to look up how the architecture is designed to keep them up.  Instead, I’m including a picture of the Bank of China building.  It’s the one that was designed as Bamboo to encourage prosperity, but sneakily in the shape of a meat cleaver pointed directly at HSBC bank.  Clever huh.  I heard that the mirror- like windows also point bad energy at the HSBC building.  Extra clever.

Juju hanging out in the middle of my living room was probably bad feng shui.  Good thing I moved her to my storage unit.  Here, watch Batman in Hong Kong.

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