Q: Do you drink more tea now?

Time for another Q and A!

Beautiful packaging.

A: Yes, but not as much as you would assume.  What’s that mean? 

Sorry for assuming that you were assuming.  I am not really a caffeine addict.  I like it, it still gives me a little jolt of energy and I like to start cold mornings out with something warm.  Which in the Minnechilliness, is a lot of days.  So, if you see me around the office holding a cup of coffee, it’s most likely that I am cold.  I seem out of it, and mumble something about not having my coffee yet, I really just mean, “I am out of it today.”.  There’s also a slight chance that I didn’t sleep well, am feeling out of it, and attempting to bandaid with coffee.

Here in Hong Kong, the tea selection is endless, almost overwhelming.  Luckily, our friend comes from an area traditionally known for its tea, and has been kind enough to gift us with this tea.  The packaging is beautiful.  She is so familiar with tea, that she can tell a difference when the tea has been picked before the rains, and when the tea has been picked after.  I love this so much.

Someday I will photograph us having proper tea, with these little tea cups, washing station, etc.  One of my friends has a tea table that’s large enough to contain the mess, hold some snacks and has legs to prop up if needed.  It is so beautiful.  Today I am alone and am just using my mug.

When it comes out of the package, it’s in a tiny balled-up dried form.  You’re supposed to put that in your pot, pour some water in, and dump out the first batch.  I think this gives it a wash.  I am assuming again.  But I do as the Chinese do and put it in the bottom of my cup, pour some hot water in, and dump the first cup back out.

It’s so pretty when the leaves are extended, I thought you might like to see a picture of it.

On another note: it has been in the 90’s here lately.  That’s a tad bit warm.  When I lived in Dominica, they would tell me to drink hot coffee or tea when it was hot out.  Apparently it cools you down.  So I’ve been doing this.  I wish I would just ask questions for reasons people do what they do.  Instead I just go with the flow, and do as others do, so I fit in with the locals.  I am not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of this.  Mind says ashamed, gut says proud.

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