Q: Nicole, how are the drivers?

A: Crazy.  They are on the wrong side of the road.

In all seriousness, I don’t really get in cars much.  Remember how I gushed earlier about the public transportation in Hong Kong?  Well, I mostly stick to public transportation, along with most of the city.  People do have cars, most of them are pretty fancy.  I have walked past a club with three Lamborghinis parked outside &   was on a road where I saw one Bentley followed by two Masaratis.  (Is plural pronounced Masterat-ai?)  But I think I only sat in a cab 4 times.  They were pretty decent rides, with only one of them being pretty harrowing.  People here are pretty sure of their driving, not just letting their feet off the gas when the light is about to change, but actually pressing down on the gas.   The cars really are on the wrong side of the road in my mind, and  while I was getting used to it I looked a bit like I was giving myself whiplash when I looked before crossing the street.

One really nice thing in Hong Kong besides the moving sidewalks and escalators that keep people off the roads are these elevated walkways.  Kind of like Minneapolis and Saint Paul’s skyways, but not enclosed.  I was a big fan of these.  No stop lights to stop for, no confusion of what side of the road I should watch for cars on.

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