Burns so good

I’ve gotten a quite a few questions about the food here.  In a nutshell, the Americanized Chinese food is nothing like what is here.  I’m getting the vibe that the people here don’t like sweet food the way Americans do.  When I say I’m getting the vibe, what I mean is that I hear people say, “Too Sweet”.   I would say sesame chicken, orange chicken and shoyu chicken…all would be ‘too sweet’.  Also, eating is much more of a communal event, where dishes are all shared, and in some cases, tables are also shared with other people.

The other night I was invited out to go to a Sichuan restaurant for some spicy food.  I can’t describe how awesome this food was, but I’m going to try.

To better explain the explosion of flavor that was in their food, I’m going to refer to their  website;

“Sichuan is famed for more than just hot and spicy.  Like other cuisines, Sichuan [consists] of five basic tasting sensations which are sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy; yet only Sichuan cuisine incorporates the unique sixth sensation.  It is the tingly numbing sensation which induces sensitivity to the taste buds that are normally non-sensitive , making all taste buds active for the grand flavor of Sichuan dishes.”

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Panda Neon

Yesterday I wandered around Central and Sheung Wan.  What?  Did I get lost?
No.  You have to have a destination in mind in order to get lost.  Technically, I did not get lost.
So here I am, wandering around, soaking in the city, turning when I want to, exploring the way I like to, nice and slow.

In the distance I see this sign on a store a block away, and I felt I MUST investigate.

A neon panda?

Click here, I know you’re interested too.