Panda Neon

Yesterday I wandered around Central and Sheung Wan.  What?  Did I get lost?
No.  You have to have a destination in mind in order to get lost.  Technically, I did not get lost.
So here I am, wandering around, soaking in the city, turning when I want to, exploring the way I like to, nice and slow.

In the distance I see this sign on a store a block away, and I felt I MUST investigate.

A neon panda?

I was just starting to get a bit worn out when I spotted this neon sign.  My heart skipped a beat.  I almost forgot to look for traffic when crossing the street, afraid that if I blinked that it would just be a Panda Mirage and fade away.

Good thing those cabs have horns on them that they love to honk.

I walked in, then looked for someone to smile at…  strangers don’t always love random stranger smiles, but I didn’t care.  This place was awesome.

The name of the store is Morn Creations  and they are all for the protection of life and animals.  While their website looks like it is still being built, they do have a Facebook page that you can see by clicking here.  You can read on their info page how they are trying to advocate for a handful of animals, including sharks.  Sharks are still being slaughtered just for their fins at an alarming rate, but that’s a conversation for another day.

I did end up purchasing two cute items for gifts, and the kind counter lady let me take a few photos.

If you’re in Central, you can find them daily from noon to 9 PM.
Morn Creations Limited is located at:
Shop B, G/F, 64 Peel Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2869 7021

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