Moe Mon Tai

If you happen to get yourself into a situation that you aren’t necessarily fond of, but it’s not the end of the world, go ahead and try out the phrase for “No Problem”.

Say it like this: Moe Mon Tai.

I believe it’s normally used to diffuse a situation, but I haven’t gotten myself into any real issues with anyone, so I like to use it when something small happens, like when the magazine stand doesn’t have any Ying Mon magazines.

“Ying Mon?” -Me, pointing at the magazines.

“No.”-Handy magazine stand dude/lady

“Moe Mon Tai. Ng Goy” -Me

WHOA.  Did I just toss you a 2-fer?  Sure did.  “Ng Goy” means a plethora of things, I use it all the time, and just hope it’s the right situation.
Try pronouncing the Ng part as if you just said “Sing” but with out the S and the I.  Goy is pronounced more like “Guy” but that’s just how I hear it.  It can mean any thing from “Thank you, Please excuse me, Please, Can I, Oops…” and that’s all I know of right now.  If you want someone to get out of your way,  you toss a “Je Je” on the end.
Say that like, “Ng Guy zhee zhee.”.

Thanks for tuning into Mumbling Monday.  Tune in next week to see if I’ve learned anything new or if I just let this week’s 2-fer ride out.

Motivating Lamma Street art

Little Lamma Love

Welcome to Lamma Graf

Graffiti greeting

I’m starting to get a handle on Lamma.  It’s a fresh breath of (clean) air compared to Hong Kong across the bay.  Quiet, laid back, beautiful… it’s got something for everyone.  The people who I’ve been introduced to are wonderful, they are smart, kind and hilarious.

There are no vehicles here (just emergency ones and these little motor carts that cart goods around.  Many people bike.

Lamma Bikes

Bike parking on the pier, where people pick up the ferry.

Love the water?

Lamma Boats

Little Boats

Even on cloudy days, this island is still beautiful.

Walking Lamma by me

This view is just 15 minutes from my place.