I speak English

It’s time for Mumbling Monday!
What’s today’s inspiration?


I purchased this.

I made a bad buy.  I attempted to purchase a magazine that I thought was in English as well as in Cantonese.  That way maybe, just maybe, I could view the two languages side by side.  Seemed like a solid pick of  a magazine, but it was sealed in plastic so there was no way to know what I was getting myself into.

Of course I was wrong.  At least the pictures are pretty.

So, cruising the magazine rack near the piers in Hong Kong Central with the Fella, I pointed out a magazine I wanted  that and he held it up and asked, “Ying Mon?” (say it like that.)
The kind magazine stand dude said, “No, Ying Mon.”, and pointed out where the English magazines are.  I’m still unsure if I can get a magazine with the language paired, but I’m guessing no.*  I don’t know what I was thinking, we all know that the French Vogue is different from the American Vogue, it’s not just  the same content in different languages.  DOH!

According to my guide-book you can say something eloquent, “Naw seek gawn ying mon”**, which means “I speak English” but “Ying Mon” works just as well if you say it with a smile.***  Next time I will know.

Ying Man

Say it fast, “Yingmon”

Thanks for tuning into Mumbling Monday!

* If you know if I can get dual language magazines, please let me know!  That would be so rad!
**  This is my non-official attempt at pronunciation.
*** This is my personal theory, and I am not sure if this applies in Hong Kong, but it has worked so far.

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