Large Boats

Obviously, Hong Kong is a major port.  I knew this.  I know this.  But for some reason, I still cannot wrap my head around the giant shipping boats that I see on a daily basis.  These ships are going and coming from everywhere in the world.  I mean, check out this boat.  It’s carrying cargo containers…. cargo containers that I usually only see when caught at a train crossing.  This boat isn’t really even that loaded down compared to some that I’ve seen.  Some are so filled it looks like the cargo containers are little legos on a large duplo boat.  It’s amazing.  I wonder what happens if one of these tips over.  Whoa that was morbid.  Sorry ’bout that.

Do you guys know of Wee Houses?  I have this secret (not a secret anymore) desire to either live in one of these, or have one as a cabin someday.  After staring at these houses online for a few years now, this cargo ship just boggles my mind.