Large Boats

Obviously, Hong Kong is a major port.  I knew this.  I know this.  But for some reason, I still cannot wrap my head around the giant shipping boats that I see on a daily basis.  These ships are going and coming from everywhere in the world.  I mean, check out this boat.  It’s carrying cargo containers…. cargo containers that I usually only see when caught at a train crossing.  This boat isn’t really even that loaded down compared to some that I’ve seen.  Some are so filled it looks like the cargo containers are little legos on a large duplo boat.  It’s amazing.  I wonder what happens if one of these tips over.  Whoa that was morbid.  Sorry ’bout that.

Do you guys know of Wee Houses?  I have this secret (not a secret anymore) desire to either live in one of these, or have one as a cabin someday.  After staring at these houses online for a few years now, this cargo ship just boggles my mind.

2 thoughts on “Large Boats

  1. emilycd says:

    If you like Wee Houses, you should check out the Solar Decathlon sometime. It was in DC last year and the stuff that people come up with is crazy. (They’re not always tiny, but they’re very creative…here’s the weirdest one I saw.)

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