Aberdeen, Hong Kong

The other day we took a trip over to Aberdeen. Just a heads up, there are some gross pictures ahead, so set aside your Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensees, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Supper and follow the link!

Ferry from Lamma to Aberdeen

Abderdeen is just a 35 minute ferry ride from Lamma.  My fella and I met up with two of our friends, where of course we missed our ferry.  No worries shrimp curry, we grabbed some snacks and drink and ate a small snack overlooking the sea underneath a bamboo tiled gazebo by the pier.
It was really beautiful, really hot and humid, so I can’t say I was looking beautiful that day– more like a lion with wild mane hair that sweated through the back of her shirt where her backpack was.  Sweaty lion lady.

Aberdeen is mostly middle-class, famous for being an old fishing village with floating restaurants.  We didn’t eat on a floating restaurant this time, but we did go to a delicious yum cha.  Yum Cha (Drink Tea) is something you do, Hong Kongers share their small plates of snack sized food (Dim Sum) and pretty much make a lot of noise and a large mess.  It was really fun.  It’s not like going to eat Dim Sum in the states.  You walk in, get seated and start shouting at the cart pusher who has all the food on it.  Motions and shouting, eating and spitting out bones– all part of the fun.  We ate a lot, maybe 12 small dishes but our bill was only $40 HK ($5.15 USD) a person.  We ate chicken feet.  I was pretty delighted by this.

Amazing food.  The fella’s favorite was the bun with the yellow dot on it-I think it was Bao filled with some sort of almond cream or egg cream?  My favorite was the Sui Mai, a pork and mushroom dumpling.

We also took gander through the underground market– where they sell a lot of goods, dried food, clothes, etc.  Which leads me to my pictures.  As Americans, normally we are so disconnected from our food- for the most part.  The closest we really get is going to the Farmer’s market or watching a cooking show on TV where they might delve a bit more into things.  I have this semi-desire to be more connected to my food, especially after watching New Scandinavian cooking on Public Access.
However, people in Hong Kong are able to get really up close and personal to their food.  Like breathing in fresh blood and get a scale freshly scraped of the skin flung at them.  I was able to walk through this without any barfing or feeling like fainting, so maybe I’m getting better.  Just peruse the pictures, they need no explanations.  And if they do, I’ve put a caption on them.

Enjoy, I’m off to go eat Elevensies.

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