Left and next Right

Non Sequitur Image of shoelaces just to confuse and delight.

Remember when I was lost in Mong Kok?  And how then later I taught you how to ask for directions?  Well, let me tell you, knowing how to ask for directions is pretty useless without understanding what the possible answer means.

I was feeling unusually confident one day, and decided to try and ask for directions to the nearest 711.  Yes, there are 711s here.  In fact, they are really handy.  You can buy more minutes for your phone, get some food or drinks and fill up your octopus card.  The other day I missed dinner and ate some cheap noodles from 711, they even have a microwave for you to warm up your food.  Sometimes they have little counters where you can get some warm food that’s prepared for you.

Anyway, if you ask “Hai Bin Do 711?” (Say High Bean Doe)

Someone might say “Jaw” (Jaw) Hollywood Street,
Gan-ju” (Gahn Jew)
Yau” (Yow) “Hawng Jai” (Hahng Ja-eye)*

This loosely means,
“Where’s the 711?”

Left at Hollywood Street,
And next
Right alleyway.

So there you go!

Jaw = left
Gan-ju = and next
Yau = right
Hawng Jai = alleyway

*This is not correct grammar or sentence structure, merely things to listen for.

Happy Mumbling Monday!

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