Remember how I was lost?

No inspiration explanation needed for today’s Mumbling Monday.  Please read my Lost in Mong Kok post if you have no idea what I’m referring to.

Quick and dirty, here’s how you say, “Where’s  (a/the)”— then fill in the blank with what you are looking for.

“Hai-Bin-do”… say it like, “High Bean Doe”*

The other day was filled with this phrase, which made it even more difficult when I can’t understand basic directions, but… baby steps. I was saying, “Hi Bean Doe Art Supply Store” which obviously was an inherently flawed question.

Thanks for stopping in and Enjoy your day!

If you can get someone to stop, there are plenty of people to ask.

*My interpretation of how I would say it.  I’m not an official person.  At all.

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