Des Moines: French for The Moines

This past weekend, a few of my friends and I went to Des Moines, Iowa for a last round of laughs and many rounds of drinks.
It turns out, Des Moines is a hidden gem.  We all had a grand ol’ time.  And here’s why.

The majority of the city is connected via “Skywalk” (which is exactly the same as Minneapolis/St.Paul’s Skyways) which means that even though you could easily walk somewhere faster outside, you can also walk longer but stay inside– away from the cold.

They have really cute restaurants, including a Zombie Themed one in the East Village, Zombie Burger + Pub, which you know I was into.  Look at these cute restroom signs!

Brains Zombie Bathrooms Restrooms

Uhhhaaahhhggh I gotta pee.

Zombies Art

Zombie Creepy Art

Cute Zombie Art

We wandered towards the Court District for breakfast to Java Joe’s, which was insanely cute.  I mean look at it!

Des Moines Coffee Shop

Very cute storefront.

Coffee airplanes

We explored everything we could on foot, saw some sculptures by the river, walked past an open ice skating park and met a pal to go Salsa dancing at a place called Star Bar.  But one of the highlights was a shop recommended to us called Raygun.

Raygan has not paid me to say anything about them, but I’m going to anyways.  They are awesome.  A cute, in-house screen printing shop will really witty and super-soft clothing.

I own this one, thank you to one of my favorite people:

Perfect for us Bicycle riders:

Bike shirt raygun

Front and Back view

RayGun Blog Shirt

OK, I better stop.  You can click on those links to make yourself smile and cruise around Raygun‘s site.

The point of the post is, there are really awesome and fun things to do in beautiful Des Moines, Iowa.  There is something there for everyone.

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