Minneapolis Bike Love

It’s still 80 degrees here on Lamma Island at 10pm at night.  I took a swim this morning in the sea.  I hang out on the beach.  We BBQ amazing food under the stars.  It’s summer here.  Summers in Minnehappiness involve biking.

I’m not a hard-core biker,  but I bike to work most days in the summer.  I like to bike with my pals, or cruise around alone to think.  I ride a pretty sweet Franzen Original Creation*, a hot blue huffy with some sweet neon green rims.  You can spot me coming from a ways off, which was done by design.  I tend to be clumsy callalou, so visibility is key.  Enough talking myself up here.

Morning ride with Hot Huff

While Lamma is full of bikes, I have discovered how incredibly spoiled I have been as a biker.  The roads here are narrow, usually filled with people, so the average biker has to move really slowly and ding their bells to get anyone to (maybe) share the road.  I don’t currently have a bike, but it really makes me miss biking in Minnesota.

Speaking of that, Artcrank is returning this Saturday, and I really wish I was able to go.  If anyone does end up there, I’d love to see what you end up purchasing.   Instead of pining for biking back in MN, we are going to go for a hike to a beach that I’ve not been to yet and spend some time floating around.  The grass should never be viewed as greener on the other side.

*Franzen Original Creation is a made up name that I made up that I can’t say is the name my pal would choose.  As a side note to my footnote, my brother is currently riding around Hot Huffy, so if you see this bike, tell the rider to get a helmet, and please do not steal it.