Schell’s Brewery Bockfest

Schell's BockFest

I could apologize for the lack of posts. But I’m not going to. I’ve been out, about, moving it and shaking it. And I’m not sorry that my winter hasn’t been boring and spent inside.

What!? What have you been doing outside, isn’t it like, cold out?
Yup. And one of my favorite events was heading down to New Ulm to the August Schell Brewery for Bockfest.  For Bockfest, the brewery opens their doors at the tail-end of winter and us weary winter survivors can whet our whistles with some of their delicious beers.  Outside.

Schell’s brews some of our prized local beer here, and on any given day you can find a Big Friendly Premium or a bottle of Nordeast in my house.  Peep the rest of the beers they offer here.

The brewery is picturesque and complete with peacocks. Peacocks!  I didn’t know they were cold weather birds.  You can dance to polka music, eat schnitzel and giant Bavarian Pretzels, and get your beer stabbed with a hot iron rod.  It’s delicious.  There is also a hunt for the Bock, but I can barely find my keys most days, so I opted out of that one.
Feel free to wear costumes or lederhosen and carry around the most giant beer steins imaginable. Everything goes here.

The date changes every year but if you’re in Minnesota in the coming years, it’s not to be missed.  Do like we do: get up early, slap on your warm clothes (or not warm lederhosen) and get festive!

The Schell’s Brewery is located here:

1860 Schell Road
New Ulm, MN 56073

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