Smack Shack

Smack Shack

Smack Shack

I wish I could say the weather is warming up and that the food truck season is in full swing.  It’s not.  It’s rather cold, in fact, it’s snowing.  But, fear not.  There’s one food truck that has been a huge hit, such a hit that it made it’s way into a local watering hole and now it has it’s very own brick and mortar restaurant:  Smack Shack.  It’s pretty dang delicious.

My brother and I have been driving past Smack Shack on a pretty regular basis  and keep saying, “Let’s go there!”  Finally, we did.  We cruised in there at 5:30 without reservations as if we were some sort of entitled patrons.  In all honesty, we never make reservations.  Because that requires planning ahead, something the two of us rarely excel at.

We were able to squish in at the bar, where we giggled about the open lobster tank, pointed at the decor with glee.  Careful details in decor and food make this place so fantastic.  We didn’t actually get drinks, but we did get our fill on food.

The menu appears to change on the daily, and we were pleasantly surprised with some lobster corn dogs.  So good.  Then we did the ol’ sibling share thing where we each get something  and cut it in half,  swap it and get to eat more food.  He tried the blue crab cake po’boy and I ordered the classic lobster roll.

Now, we can eat a lot.  A lot.  We barely got our plates clean.  Really generous piles of amazingness.  If you’re in the North Loop, be sure to check this place out.  I recommend that you call ahead.  Seriously, the place is packed and really deserving of it’s wait time.

You can find Smack Shack here:
603 Washington Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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