Minnehappiness, America

Happy 4th of July!

I have some news for you to celebrate with along side the fireworks.*

My fella and I have left Hong Kong.  We’ve actually been back in the good ‘ol USA for a bit now.

Originally I had planned on minnehappiness being a blog full of random fun things.  Not really on anything in particular, just whatever made me smile.

Life in Hong Kong was too new, too exciting not to share.  So it really morphed into a Hong Kong centric blog, which made the most sense at the time.  Obviously, if I’m no longer there, I won’t have too much to share on the subject.

Are you feeling sad, as if your morning coffee won’t be as exciting without a side of traveling adventures?

Don’t fret pals, I hope I am able to continue bringing you delight via minnehappiness.

Expect to continue to see the things I find joy in.  the only difference is that it won’t be in Hong Kong.  There will still be adventures to be written about, because everyday life is full of it’s own adventures.

Thank you for joining me.  Now, let’s go have some fun.

*I realize our arrival home is not really a reason to celebrate, but fireworks are always nice.

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