Welcome to Lamma Island

After 72 hours of travel, and another late plane, I’ve arrived on Lamma Island.  Sorry for the delay, I could have written all day, but I just turned my computer on.

No surprise to anyone, but I blew the fuses to the apartment within 10 minutes of being left alone in the apartment. Of course.  So, that giant iPod/radio/alarm clock that I lugged across the world is now fried.

I’ve got a tad bit of the jet lag, so I’m going to nap and come back when my head doesn’t feel like it’s spun off.

For now, enjoy this lovely picture of our beach.  I can see this from our apartment.

Hung Shing Ye

Cloudy, but still beautiful

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Lamma Island

  1. Christie Poytress says:

    Im so happy you finally made it! Just so you know your blog is awesome and so “you”! I love your creativity:) I hope youre settling in nicely (I cant imagine your having too much trouble with a view like that). Love you lots and tell Rob hello:)

  2. Megasaurus says:

    So glad you made it! And I have to say, a fried ipod alarm clock is a small price to pay for what appears to be paradise.

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