Grilled Chicken Wing


Here on Lamma, you can eat pretty well.

Another weekend, another food find.  When things get busy, there are plenty of grilled food stands that pop up.   Remember I mentioned you can get delicious grilled pineapple here on Hung Shing Ye Beach?  My fella picked up this grilled gem for me at that same stand to keep my hunger at bay until dinner time.

$14 HK ($1.80 USD) can get you this smoky, juicy, crispy little snack.  I would recommend it to anyone passing by, if their nose hasn’t led them there already.


Yup, just leave them here.

I feel like you can tell a lot about a person in the way they treat their dogs.  I know this varies from one area of the world to the next, one person to the next, but either way, it says a lot about who you are.  I really want America to have these little dog parking stalls.  They are so funny to me.

Click here, you know you wanna.