Lo So Shing Beach

The other day I had mentioned that I was going to a new beach on Lamma.  Lo So Shing Beach did not disappoint.

Just a few flowers

It’s been warm and beginning to get more humid out.  I was video chatting with my ever-honest brother the other day and he stopped me mid-sentence to ask, “Is it humid or something, your hair looks…unruly”  He’s right.  I look a mess.

While I might look like a cave woman, I feel great.  The warm weather makes me so happy.  Sometimes I get the case of the “Happys” and combine it with a nice little nap.  The heat makes me feel so comfortable that I could be in the middle of something really productive and all of a sudden I can feel the heat pulling my eyelids down, gravity becoming stronger and my head wanting to hit the pillow.

Somedays though, the heat just needs to be beat.  Yesterday was one of those days.  My fella and I decided to try a beach that I hadn’t been to, only passed by on the path.  True to form, we decided to hike to this beach at the hottest point of the day.

I packed a tiny little purple bag.  Why is it that I keep buying mini backpacks?  They fit my pint size body.  Derr.  I stuffed the bag with my nook, bamboo mat, iPods/phones, towel and sunscreen–that thing was packed to the gills.  We had just boiled fresh water, but it was too hot to put into a bladder, so we just went without.  Stupid.  The one thing we should have brought.

Anyway, from the beach here (that’s right suckas, we live on a beach but have the luxury of deciding to go to a different beach), we walked about 30 minutes to Lo So Shing beach.

Lo So Shing was empty.  There were just a few people, and a few lifeguards.  The sand is soft, and the water is clean.  They have public bathrooms and  showers, benches to sit on, some trees to catch some shade and a really nice BBQ area.  My favorite feature is a little floating dock to bask on like seals at Pier 39.

It was perfect.  We floated around and my fella attempted to show me how to side stroke.  Ironically, it is supposed to be a low energy, lifesaving stroke and I can’t master it, so I kept choking on water.  Typical.  We also swam out to the floating dock where I realized I forgot how to dive.  I am a typical first-born rule follower, and there were signs saying not to dive, and I think I got psyched out.  Diving is way fun, but so is jumping in with all limbs flailing as you realize mid-jump you can’t remember how to dive.  Fun for anyone who is watching, that is.

Eventually, we (my fella) had to get out of the sun, so we slapped on some sunscreen and hiked back to our beach.  Out of the 4 things I shoved in my tiny bag, we used two. Oh, plus we purchased something to drink.  I hear you learn something everyday, but I can’t seem to get the concept to stop over packing knocked into my tiny brain.

If you’re on Lamma for a visit, I would recommend this beach.  It’s a bit off the beaten path, but it’s a safe trail and you’ll only run into one snake.  Ok, that might not be true, but that’s all we saw.  Enjoy the pictures!

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